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Maintenance of your Stained Concrete Floors


Thank You for choosing chemically stained concrete floors. 

The care and maintenance for these floors is easy but not with out effort.  Your concrete floors have been permanently acid stained. The only way to damage your floor is wear the wax or sealer off.  Do not drag chairs or tables across the floor that has metal legs. This will damage the floor and you will have to color the damage marks with permanent marks a-lot markers. 

If you have a traffic wax, never use vinegar, heavy Cleaners or Strippers to clean with, they will break down the wax only use mild soap, add with Sweeping with a dust mop. Sealers are more chemically durable but will scratch easier, therefore you will need to apply a finishing wax by mop to maintain shine and durability, this should be done on a weekly schedule. Lonestar prefers the traffic wax to sealers for wear, durability, and appearance. 

To avoid streak marks, the floor has to be cleaned by mopping the floor prior to applying the wax. If the floor is not clean before waxing, the only way to remove the wax is to strip the floor. If the wrong stripper is used there is a possibility that you will damage the stain. 

We hope you enjoy your floors for many years to come. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 817-514-6990. 


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